What Is Paint Correction Before Ceramic Coating

I figured the ceramic coating would help this, and it did! I started doing paint correction and ceramic coating probably 2 years ago.

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It didn’t completely solve the problem though, leading me to ceramic coating myth number 1:

What is paint correction before ceramic coating. It also acts as a “sacrificial layer” protecting your paint from harsh weather, chemicals, heat and oxidation. A ceramic coating adds more depth and gloss to your vehicles painted finish, while adding a layer of protection to keep the finish looking great. Harley davidson’s vivid black paint is notorious for being soft and easy to scratch.

This is something that should be done prior to ceramic coating to ensure that the paint job you are sealing looks its best. Even if your vehicle is new it may still need to be polished and some paint correction may still be required. Most of the labor in this service lies within the paint correction, and the necessary prep work before the coating is properly installed.

If you decide to skip this step any defect in the paint will be magnified tenfold by the ceramic coating. As to the why, even a new vehicle has all sorts of environmental pollutants from being on a transport truck, sitting outside, being test driven, etc. If you have ever been to a car show and wonder why some of the best cars reflect light and shine like they do it is not the paint job or the wax, it is the paint correction.

Ceramic coatings utilise nanotechnology, manipulating atoms and molecules to provide your car with a thin layer of protective coating. Any paint correction has to be done before applying the coating. This package elevates your ceramic paint coating nearly 200% longer than the best diy ceramic coating.

Paint correction must be done prior to coating any vehicle to get the best results. In most cases, the film will actually hide some swirls and. It adds a protective layer between your car’s paint and the elements that can damage it.

Auto dent removal also allows for a more even ceramic coating application while also helping to enhance the appearance of your vehicle. Paint correction before a ceramic coating removes swirl marks and small scratches so that when a ceramic coating is applied it enhances your vehicle’s gloss, shine & overall surface appearance ten fold. Some cars take 1, some take 2.

That all said, paint correcting a car’s paintjob is a critical step if you plan on applying a nano ceramic coating or paint protection film. These coatings add shine and protection to your paint, glass, wheels, plastics and more. Paint correction is the specialized process of removing scratches and blemishes from the clear coat of your vehicle’s paint job.

It is important to polish paint to correct imperfections and perfect the finish because once the ceramic coating is applied it will lock those scratches and swirls under the coating and you will not be able to remove them without first removing your ceramic coating. First on my own cars and now do it for friends for free (plus the cost of the supplies), and some weekends for acquaintances for extra cash. The thin layer bonds with the paintwork of your car and is completely invisible to the human eye.

Ceramic is not thought of as a longer lasting wax, it is actually more like a micro thin layer of glass that adheres to the clear coat protecting it. I generally charge about $400/day. Starting with 4 coats of ceramic pro 9h as the foundation, an extra layer on exposed areas like the front end, finishing with a top coat, your daily driver.

An alternative to paint correction is to apply the ceramic coating on top of a paint protection film. Much like there are different levels of damage, there are different levels of paint correction. Depending on what needs to be done, this can be a major additional expense in what’s already not a cheap job.

The detailer will be leveling the paint to the depth of the scratch or swirl before applying a ceramic coating. Your vehicle will be scratch proof. Paint correction can mean different things, but say you are going to have a two stage correction before ppf or ceramic.

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