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“the price point, which is around $30 per gallon, makes it a great return on investment. May 22, 2020 04:05 pm.

Painting Benjamin Moore Advance vs. PPG

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Ppg breakthrough paint reviews. That technology has been available for several years now and is making its way into every paint manufacturer’s product line. So.after reading some posts, i'm almost convinced to try ppg breakthrough for cabinets. Both products bond to surfaces previously painted with oil based products.

The last two have tons of info here on reddit, but the ppg is more unknown. Breakthrough, the name itself suggests a product that is something special. I applied a test patch of topcoat paint to two different areas of my bedroom:

Ppg breakthrough paint for diy for the diy homeowner, i would limit the choice to these 3 categories of product. This is a review for ppg timeless paint. I'm not trying to hijack this breakthrough thread.

It is supposed to dry super hard and have excellent adhesion on most surfaces. May 17, 2016 at 7:10pm jimmers likes this. Most any professional painter who has been in the business for any length of time can tell you that there really isn’t a profit margin in paint.

The ppg color collection is no more/no less precise in terms of shades than any other paint brand. It's a cool versatile product, and if in a higher voc state, i'm sure people are happy. Does anyone have any experience with the ppg?

1 2 next » thread modes. Love the properties of the finished product, but i have to wait at least 24 hrs to flip the doors on my dry racks or it leaves marks. Ppg was the first to introduce breakthrough automotive coating technologies such as cathodic electrocoat also known as e coat products like ppg enviro prime 7000 super high throw e coat provide increased corrosion protection and reduced overall costs for our oem.

It was either bm advanced or ppg brealthrough. I currently use the pc hybrid. They all use the same vendors, duha group, dorn, or colwell, to create their color collateral like fandecks and paint chips as well.

By raymond henson, exp realty. Breakthrough by ppg paints, no longer recommended. I've used pittsburgh paint quite a bit.

I've used the pure performance and i find it is the best paint for the price. Has anyone used ppg's breakthrough. The first in an area where i had attempted to paint sico “cotton ball,” adhesion had failed, and i washed the fresh paint

There are better quality paints but for the price you cant beat it. Some similarities between breakthrough and advantage 900 are: Bm advanced provides a better sheen but takes way to long to recoat and cure, the ppg is 2 hours to recoat.

Breakthrough and advantage 900 are two great products from porter paints (ppg), both with their own distinguishing advantages. Discounted rates for jack pauhl members on picasso & blaze brushes. Kat sign in to contact user.

When i used high voc in pa on a (low traffic) warehouse floor, i was impressed. @pacman i may be interested in a shipped product as well. A quart was only enough for one coat, so i went.

I then visited [redacted] paint to seek advice, and purchased 3.7 l each of high quality primer and topcoat. Even with the deepest of discounts, when you factor in the time it takes to figure out what you need and then. There are countless other types of finishes, but nothing that compares to these top choices for ease of application with no need for sprayers or other special equipment/training.

Its low temperature capabilities allow us to paint during the cooler. Ppg industries inc reviews (63) add a review. And, it reduces the time that i need to be on.

For a number of years, it was a great product. #11 · mar 6, 2018. Real estate agent with exp realty of california, inc.

In researching the best type of paint to use (there are several) it came down to drytime as there is no way my wife would allow the kitchen to be down for weeks while the paint dries. I find its a bit more runnier and doesnt cover as good but for half the price you. Currently, deciding between ppg breakthrough, bm advanced or sw proclassic.

Not real excited about it but im willing to give it a glance. What makes breakthrough unique is having the best of both worlds: Their premium gold ceiling paint is one of the best ceiling paints out there.

That’s just amazing, and for me, it cuts down on my production time in a big way. Ppg uses the exact same color system and color space as every other brand to formulate the formulas. The improved formula offers two notable benefits to both painting pros and their homeowner customers that set it apart.

I had primed and painted my kitchen cabinets and doors using zinsser oil based primer and the ppg diamond, which by the way worked beautifully, it was perfectly smooth. 8 paint pros weigh in on their favorite products. The second is the fast cure time.

The first is that no primer is required in most cases.

Painting Benjamin Moore Advance vs. PPG

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Painting Benjamin Moore Advance vs. PPG

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