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The #1 nano ceramic coating car paint protection in singapore. For all your needs of car maintaining and restoration works which includes interior deep cleaning, exterior detailing, interior cleaning and sanitization as well as anti pest treatments such as paint protection film, paint protection coating, car wax sealant polishing, ea detailer provides a one stop solution for possible means to assist our clients for car detailing and grooming.

Avail professional Ceramic Coat Paint Protection services

Mobile grooming at your location are available as well.

Paint protection coating singapore price. It forms a hydrophobic surface to protect the car’s paint while car protection film doesn’t bond with the car’s paint but lies over it like an invisible skin. Car paint protection also called ceramic coating is a liquid polymer which when applied to the surface of a vehicle, bonds chemically with the car’s paint. Supagard is the world leading paint protection from uk.

Infra red curing lamp (1 hour per layer) interior grooming + leather care, dressing, coating. Stek dynomatt paint protection film. It's probably the best brand in singapore trusted by more than 1 million car owners in 90 countries.

The total paint & wheel protection is the latest silicon protection. We are the exclusive distributor of skinz car care in singapore. We ensure your vehicle will be looking at its best.

Jerga details offers the best quality paint protection coatings ranging from 10h camui cc4 and diamond 9h coating. This exterior coating uses a ceramic paint protection product to help restore and protect exterior paint. Full range of products from paint protection, glass treatment, basic polishing to paint correction, interior cleaning and vehicle detailing services are available.

We also offer mobile service whereby we detail your car at your convenience Unlike others, we use kubebond. Your investment is assured with our quality products and service.

Regardless if it is a ceramic or glass coating, our complete range will have you covered. Our services includes professional paint correction, polishing and many others. We also offer 9h diamond, ceramic and glass coating to suit your need

Ultimately, what it comes down to is decoration vs. Total paint & wheel protection. Ron 8222 8558 email :

Our services includes polishing and many others. Reliance auto services is the approved applicator in singapore. Choose from 3 types of premium japanese paint protection coating for your car.

Heatax works by reflecting the sun’s visible light and energy, therefore minimizing energy absorbed by the roof/wall, all thanks to the utilization of nanotechnology in heatax particles. 65632545, 94790355 qmi toughguard car paint protection started more than 2 decades ago in singapore. Beyond cleaning, polishing, and waxing services, ace gt offers a huge variety of finishing and protection packages, both for interiors and exteriors.

Our experience in paint protection coating using polymers, glass acylic and ceramic coating and paint restoration goes a long way since 1998 when we were trained by the professional americans. Onerpro nexus paint protection film is made to protect car paints against minor scratches, rock chips, road debris, chemicals and other stains. Aftercare services lifetime (free maintenance for first 2 years)

Heatax is a thermal insulation coating (heat reflective paint), that helps keep walls and roofs cool, reducing a building's interior heat. Oh yes, the 2021 bmw x5 drop in for a full var protection! Engine bay cleaning + shine.

Guaranteed top workmanship, assurance with our 10 years warranty ️.

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