Intumescent Paint For Steel Fire Rating

Intumescent paint (also fire resistant paint) for structural steel protects the steel member substrate by providing an insulating layer between steel and the fire. Fire is one of the greatest threats to commercial buildings homes and structures.

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Chemicals within the coating react to heat by creating bubbles of inert gas which are strengthened by both the paint’s own polymer and additives.

Intumescent paint for steel fire rating. Fire rated intumescent paint is the most commonly used coating to protect steel against fire and acts as an insulator, forming a solid char in response to heat.intumescent paint can be applied on steel as a thin or a thick film coating. Contractors can see a productivity gain by choosing hilti’s intumescent steel protection products for their next. Thin film intumescent coatings 22 boards 24 partial protection 25 concrete filled hollow sections 25 design of composite steel deck floors for fire 26 filling of voids 26 when to use structural fire standards 29.

Thin film fireproof paint materials that can be used for steel are water or solved based and are typically applied to prevent fires in regular buildings. • the process provides a thick layer of ‘char’ which thermally insulates the substrate. Intumescent coating is designed to protect structural steel for 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes, according to the required specified rating.

There are two different types of fire resistant paint that can be used for steel. Fire design of steel framed buildings. 100% tested and compliant with astm e119/ul 263 fire endurance ratings that require 1 or 2 hour fire protection.

The intumescent paint shall also be subjected to weathering tests as detailed in bs 8202: 100% tested and compliant with astme84/ul 723, class a flame spread on wood, gypsum, osb, engineered materials. Fire resistant or intumescent paints and varnishes will create a barrier against fire by forming a foaming char layer above substrates such as timber, steel or plaster.

Intumescent paints can be applied to many building elements providing fire rating times from 30 minutes to 120 minutes. Thin film materials have a 50:1 expansion ratio; The swelling reaction starts usually at about 200°f and the coating can expand up to 50 times its thickness.

Thin film intumescent paint for steel. Exposure to the heat of a fire triggers a reaction, causing the intumescent paint to swell and expand up to 50 to 100 times its thickness depending on the product selected and form a. Fire test for fire resistance performance shall be conducted on the specimens after the weather tests.

This test measures the reliability of structural elements like: The intumescent paint shall be subjected to the fire resistance test as detailed in bs 476 pt 20/21 or its equivalent. A 1mm thick coating will expand to about 50mm in a fire.

The coating is applied by means of an airless spray machine to a. Thin film fire rated paint for structural steel generally has three components, a primer, a basecoat, and a sealer coat. Intumescent paints are specially formulated coatings which expand to insulate the surface that has been painted to protect it in the event of a fire.

For intumescent paint, “2 hour rating” and phrases like it may refer to this test. • an intumescent is a substance that swells as a result of heat exposure: In the event of a fire the coating will ‘intumesce’ and expand to form a thermally insulating layer of char to protect the steel beneath.

Promat also supply an intumescent board that we install that can be rated up. Increasing in volume and decreasing in density. Cap coatings intumescent paint (also known as intumescent coating, fire paint, fire rated paint, fire retardant paint, fire proof paint) expands into an insulating char up to 50mm thick during a fire situation, protecting the.

• intumescent coatings are the most widely used structural fire protection solution worldwide. These paints are mainly used for 30, 60, and 90 minutes. Cap intumescent paint systems deliver cost effective, tested and approved non destructive fire rated coating solutions.

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